Why Your Work Is Never Done


“When you stop growing – you start dying.” – William S Boroughs

Goals are an essential part of success – in all parts of life. In business it’s important to have goals that give you direction. These include short term goals like daily, weekly and monthly goals as well as those long-term, defining-moment goals.

So what happens when we reach those big, ultimate goals? Life is sweet and we all live happily ever after right? Unfortunately – that’s not always the case!

We’ve all heard the stories of professional sports people retiring and then spiralling into depression and/or substance abuse. They seemingly ‘had it all’ before it all came crashing down.  Why is this? Well the logic is pretty simple…if you focus all your energy expectations on achieving a particular goal when you arrive – what comes next?

It’s a lack of direction after achieving whatever it is you had focused on that brings people undone. When all your focus is on one goal in particular, when it is finally reached it can be a bit of an anti-climax. Not in a bad way. We’re not suggesting the goal you are striving for won’t be everything you expected and more…but we are suggesting that to be continually growing and successful you do need to have another goal, another achievement to work toward.

Successful entrepreneurs need to be continually challenged. No matter what you have achieved in life and business to date, you need to constantly be setting yourself a new goal that challenges you and changes you to pursue another level of excitement and accomplishment. That’s what passionate business people thrive off and that is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. Your work is never ‘done’ – once you reach what you thought would be the pinnacle is merely just the beginning of another bigger, more exciting journey. Once you accept and plan for this, you realise that your potential truly is unlimited and your commitment to continual, lifelong learning will ensure longevity and massive success in your chosen career.

Live, Love, Lead a life by design