Overnight Success: The Real Deal

“It’s better to have a slow burn than a fast churn.”

We heard this statement at one training seminar in regards to business staying power and over the past few years we’ve learnt nothing is more true. It takes years to create an overnight success. Those who come in guns blazing often do get quick results – but often, they stall. They lack the skills that are learnt through rising above failure and at the first sign of things taking a downturn – they jump ship.

Being a successful entrepreneur is about committing to your goal long-term. To doing what needs to be done until you reach it. This 99% of the time does not look like a meteoric rise to the top, achievement after achievement, success after success. It’s up, down, round and around. Sometimes even backward. But if you have the commitment and unwaivering belief in the final goal (even if it gets edited and changed along the way) it will be yours. You’ll also be well-equipped to help others as they move through their own struggles and failures.

What are our top tips for ‘staying the course’ in network marketing and recruiting like-minded people?

  • The truth is good enough. Don’t ever overpromise and under-deliver. In fact, you should be doing the opposite. You absolutely need to inspire people with what’s possible but don’t ever discount the work and journey it’s going to take to get there. If people are looking for a quick fix or a get rich quick scheme – network marketing is not for them.
  • You have to scrub the floors before you can drink champagne. We’ve seen people get their first team member and act like they’re the ruler of all things. Realise that to gain respect, trust and a committed team, you have to serve them. Get down in the trenches and work right alongside them. Your failures and commitment to getting back up will teach them as much as they inspire them. Be the example, shoulder to shoulder.
  • Keep your blinders on. Curiosity didn’t kill the cat – comparison is. One of the best things we’ve ever heard was “people often compare others highlight reels with their behind the scenes.” Isn’t that so true? Everyone is fighting their own battle and has their own journey to walk – just remain focused on yours.
  • Take ownership. Live by the mantra “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.” When you take sole responsibility for your own success, you take control of your future and achievements. Work on yourself as hard as you work on your income-producing activity. The journey that separates the good from the great is in between your ears.
  • Believe! There will be haters, doubters, critics, economic downturns, rejection, failures, embarrassing moments –you name it. But each and every one is a brick in your wall of success. Treat it like one. It’s now how you fail that defines you, its how you act when you fail that truly represents who you are. Believe that you are worthy, you can and you will.

Live, Love, Lead by design x