Networking Like A Pro

In an industry called network marketing, commitment, motivation and work ethic will get you part of the way – but what you’re really going to get paid for is the ability to grow and utilise an epic network.

As the saying goes; “your network is your net worth” and for that reason, one of the most valuable skills to grow and perfect as a network marketing professional is the actual networking. Not just going to events and meeting people, but creating meaningful connections, adding value to people’s lives and utilising that network to help support and grow your business.

For some people who get into the industry, they have already accumulated an exceptional network – these people slip right into this skill and create a rolling momentum in the right circles. But what if, right now, you don’t have influence? What if your current network is not the one you’d like to be in? Well, it’s time to get to work.

Here’s our top 5 tips on how to start increasing your networking skills:

  • Check Your Current Network. You are who you spend the most time with. If you’re not currently living the dream with people who motivate, inspire and support you – it’s time to change that. Make sure your closest influencing people are there to challenge and excite you, not bring you down and give you excuses.
  • Reach Out To The A Players. Mentors are amazing for cutting your learning curve in half and helping increase your influence and network connections. You may not be where you want to be but there are people who will be willing to help. As they say – you want to be a millionaire? Hang out with billionaires. The world’s most successful people got there from advice and mentoring from those who had done it before them so most are willing to pay it forward and help up and comers. You need to be bold enough to ask.
  • Invest In Yourself. Adding value is a crucial element in gaining access to new networks. And you can’t add value if you don’t work on growing your skillset and mindset. You must commit to both personal and professional growth if you’re serious about increasing your value and in turn increasing a valuable network. Find a mentor, a coaching program or training team and jump in with both feet.
  • Be Prepared To Give Before You Get. The most influential thing in your life will be the people you meet and the connections you make – so make sure your motives are pure. Be genuine in your search for meaningful connections and genuine in adding value to the lives of others. It may not pay off right away but you can bet when you’ve shown someone with influence respect and added value to their lives, they’ll remember. It’s also about planting seeds and creating relationships, not just a quick sale.
  • Get Out There. Attend events – but not every single event. Strategically choose live events, seminars and charity functions that you know will both give you value information wise and also put you in a place to rub shoulders with great people.

Live, love, lead by design x