To Be Successful or Not – The Choice Is Yours

“We are our choices.” – Jean Paul Sartre


Choice. The freedom to choose. Two of the most powerful tools any human being has access to at any given time.

Every day we make hundreds of choices that determine exactly where our life leads. Most we make without even consciously realising – by default, on auto-pilot. Once every now and again we come up against what we think is a huge, life-changing choice and put all our stress and worry on making the right decision for fear our life will crumble if we don’t.

The truth of the matter is that while we do come up against such situations every so often, the really important, life-changing choices we make are those small, seemingly insignificant ones daily.

If you’ve ever read The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen or The Compound Effect by Darryn Hardy, you’ll know what we’re referring to. Those little daily choices we make – to exercise or not; to make that call or not; to approach a new person or not; to join a new club or not – all add up over time to create either the exact life you always imagined…or not.

Are you making choices out of fear? Pride? Knowledge? Or the need to achieve? Once you discover the reason you’re making the choices you are, you have the power to change them. All choices should be made consciously, in a bid to get your closer to your goals in life, no matter how small they may seem.




What you need to commit to is consciously making the right choice, daily. Consciously being aware of the smaller choices that add up over time to be massive. Committing to excellence in your decision making daily rather than once-in-a-while when you think it matters.

– Signs you may be choosing on autopilot:

– You have no routine

– All of a sudden a week has passed without making that call

– It’s end of the month and you’re madly trying to get your sales quota in 2 days

– Ways to start making the right choices:

– Create a routine

– Look after both your body and mind – exercise and personal development daily

– Plan your day the night before