Making Time For Success

This week we saw a phrase that made us laugh out loud: “’I don’t have time’ is the adult’s version of ‘The dog ate my homework’”.

Why did we laugh out loud? Well you see ask anyone in network marketing, too busy or not enough time are the two most common objections anyone will face. In fact, it was probably an objection most people in network marketing used themselves before actually understanding why taking a look at the business was a smart idea.

It’s a common response which actually means: it’s not a priority.

You see, the most frustrating thing for people in network marketing about that objection is the fact  you’re saying you don’t have enough time is the very reason you should be taking a look as a network marketing business opportunity.

If you’re already in network marketing and you’re using that excuse as a reason your business isn’t progressing – that’s a total farce. And here’s why:

  • There are 168 hours in a week
  • 52 hours a week sleeping (7.5 hours/night)
  • 50 hours a week at school or work
  • 15 hours a week eating
  • 24 hours per week relaxing
  • 4 hours per week at team sports or church
  • A total of 145 hours

So where does the other 23 hours go?

This is why scheduling your time is crucial. How much gets eaten up on social media? Watching television? Hanging out? Are those things congruent with your goals and ambitions?

There’s truth in the saying “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Life is busy. Things come up. And so without a schedule, it’s easy to become distracted from what’s truly important.

Pick a day each week and set aside at least an hour to schedule out exactly what the rest of your days/week looks like. Figure out what pockets of time you can get valuable, income-producing activity done. Schedule in your leisure time. Cut out activities or meetings that aren’t serving you. Commit. When you’re in control, you get more done and when you get more done, you get results – and when you get results – success is on its way.

Live, love, lead by design x