Learn, Practice, Review, Repeat


“Repetition is reputation and reputation means customers.” – Elizabeth Arden

Repetition often has a negative connotation. Sometimes related to mundane; constant; everyday; routine. If this is the feeling you get when someone mentions repetition – you’re doing it wrong.

Repetition is a mother skill in business. In fact, in anything you want to excel at. We’ve all heard the saying “practice makes perfect” – in the right context and with the right intention that is 100% truth.

Learning from what people have done before you is one thing. Refining those skills and improving them through repetition is a skill that will ensure your success.

Of course, this does not mean repeating over and over the things that are not getting you the results you desire. Ensure you are repeating skills to repeat that a) are master skills in your chosen endeavour and b) that each time you repeat you are improving that skill.

Top tips for effective and successful repetition:

  • Use the 80/20 rule. 80% of your input will product 20% of your output – in other words, only 1/5 of your activity will produce 4/5 of your results. Make sure you’re repeating the skills that maximise that 20%.
  • Imperfect action beats perfect procrastination. If you’re waiting until the right time, until you’re confident, until your business is well established….you’ll never get there! The whole idea of repeating a skill is perfecting it – so get into action.
  • Study like it’s a final. Review your performance every time. It may seem mundane and can be quite awkward in the beginning stages but the only way to know how to improve is to review your performance and acknowledge where you can improve.
  • Question and streamline. Key skills in your business may be tried and tested with history – but are they still relevant and can they be tweaked? Always be willing to make some changes to keep yourself and your business relevant.
  • Commit to the long haul. It won’t happen overnight. Probably not even in a month and maybe not a year. But if you commit to consistent repetition of your key skills and improving them, it will happen. Commit to going the distance and making it a reality, no matter what.

Live, Love, Lead a Life by Design.