Attracting The Best Of The Business


Are you attracting the success you desire?

Like attracts like – have you ever had one of ‘those’ days where you stub your toe getting out of bed in the morning and from then on it goes from one debacle to the next? This is the Law of Attraction at work and applies to every aspect of your life – including your business.

Your thoughts and feelings not only shape your everyday life, but they determine just how far you’re headed in business also. To be, do and have more in your business you need to become more. Stop reading this article for one second and write down the top five qualities you are looking for in a business partner.

Now, be really honest. Reading that list back to yourself, can you confidently say you display those qualities? Or more specifically, have mastered those attributes? Unless you’re already at the pinnacle of your dreams and have achieved every goal you’ve ever set yourself – the answer to that would be no. There is always more to learn and always room to improve. Constant, never-ending personal growth is the one thing every single hugely successful business person has in common. That and an infallible work ethic.

  • Evaluate yourself. Elaborate on our exercise earlier and write down every single quality you see in an ultimate successful person. Now grade yourself on a scale of 1 – 10 on each of those qualities
  • Be honest. Finding your weaknesses is really exciting. It means you know where the improvements need to be made so can start making some changes.
  • Get to work. Now you know where those weaknesses are you need to get into action. Any quality you ranked yourself under a 5 is where you need to start. Research the experts, ask your mentor for recommendations on reading material, talk to those who you admire.

Committing to becoming the person you need to be to attract the success you desire is a crucial decision to make. It’s neither a quick fix nor a short term commitment, but it is a decision that will create huge, long-lasting and sustainable success in all areas of your life. Say yes to becoming the best version of yourself and watch everything change in your world.

Live, love, lead a lifestyle by design