Action Wins – Everytime

“Knowledge is not power; what you do with that knowledge is what counts.”

We’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. And then realised that’s the problem.

It’s fair to say that as an entrepreneur, you need to have a plan, a goal and a structure of where and how and when that goal will be achieved. But when we spend all our time on the thinking, planning, scheduling, refining – there is no actual income-producing ACTION. And that is where the gold lies.

The hugely successful Peter Voogd (author of 6 Months to 6 Figures) says “actions will always prove why words mean nothing” and he is so correct. See the thing is, many people will say they’ve been hard at it trying to make their goals a reality when actually, they’ve only been planning to make them happen or thinking about making them happen.

Why? It’s an easy way out and doesn’t challenge us. When you are planning your goals, your ego allows you believe you’re actually doing something practical to get you closer to that goal – therefore relieving guilt about not having been in income-producing activity.

The reality is, you can have a foolproof plan for the most extravagant goals but unless you take massive action, with belief in your heart, you will never get closer to achieving them. Imperfect action trumps perfect procrastination – Every. Single. Time. So how do we get out of our own way and make it happen? Here’s our top tips to plan effectively but follow with action:

  • Schedule your time. Planning is a necessity but don’t let it overtake your day. Set aside 60-90 minutes on one day of the week to plan the rest of your week – including your action time.
  • Reassess your values. When you have a valid reason for taking action, it’s less difficult to procrastinate. Really assess why you’re doing what you’re doing and why your action will make that happen.
  • Get uncomfortable. Do something daily that scares you. Talk to a new person, make a call to a prospect, present to a large group of people. The more you stretch that comfort zone, the bigger it gets.
  • Reward yourself. Make time to celebrate the little wins!

 Live, love, lead by design xx